PNA 3000 sampler

The new PNA 3000 sampler guarantees reliable sampling for measuring harmful substances in the air (e.g. asbestos, mineral fibres, PCB, etc.). This device is designed for measurements both inside and outside as well as emissions measurements in accordance with VDI 3861 Bl. 2. The exterior design and operation is identical to that of the PNA 384 sampler. However, the PNA 3000 is designed for higher air flow rates up to 30 litres/min. The volume flow is controlled automatically via an electronic connection on the integrated, calibrated gas meter, which means that the suction power of the PNA 3000 can be set directly. No other devices (e.g. flow meters) are required for the operation of the PNA 3000.




Technical data PNA 3000
Suction power 2–30 l/min bei 500 mbar Unterdruck, einstellbar in Schritten von 0,1 l/min
Forerun time / measurement time can be set between 1 min and 99 h 59 min
Pump / power consumption Rotary vane pump/120 Watt, 220 V connector plug, 24 V DC plug for battery operation
Dimensions / Weight W x H x D 420 x 320 x 190 mm, approx. 11.8 kg
Housing Plastic, stackable
Cooling No fan, therefore no contamination inside device